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White Glove Service

White glove service for your most important cargo.

Whether a classic car, fragile slabs of stone or a shipment of nearly-unbreakable forgings, Loa is your partner in safely and securely moving and protecting your shipment from start to finish.  We can move it, clear it, deliver it and insure it from start to finish, on time, transparently. Freight forwarding services offered by Cars USA Shipping, LLC. Contact Cars USA Shipping, LLC for a rate request.

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The Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, or CTPAT, is a key public / private initiative designed to enhance the security of the supply chain. Member companies include Customs brokers, freight forwarders, steamship lines, importers and exporters. Member companies apply and are first certified and then after a review and facility visit become validated. Membership in the program, and a secure supply chain of CTPAT partners from start to finish offers importers reduced examination criteria for security-related holds.

Loa Incorporated are certified and validated members of CTPAT, number 90756400. We encourage all importers to participate and join the program. For more information on the CTPAT program including membership and how to apply, visit CBP’s website here.

For importers seeking to secure their ocean cargo supply chain, we encourage you to check out the CBP 17-point container checklist here that is invaluable for ensuring that containers are not tampered with in transit from factory to final destination.



It’s not only Customs, it’s the other agencies as well.  As licensed Customs brokers, we understand and work with DOT, EPA, Agriculture and other agencies to insure that your cargo is not held improperly at the border, port or airline adding delays and costs to the shipment.
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The international movement can seem simple by comparison, but getting cargo picked up or delivered is the most instrumental first or last part.  LOA works with a network of truckers who are experienced in their fields, from specialized vehicle transport to container delivery or anything in between.
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Different Cargo = Different Needs

Different Cargo = Different Needs

Stone Slab Shipments

Slabs are fragile, heavy and unwieldy. We can insure them, move them and take care of them to minimize breakage and deliver them the way they were shipped.

International Flooring Shipments

APHIS loves to find insects hitchhiking in shipments of flooring from all over the world.  We work with our clients to minimize the risk and remediate things quickly if they’re found.

Wood Flooring Shipments

We pay attention to the requirements of Agriculture, potential antidumping issues and the Lacey Act to keep wood flooring moving through the supply chain.

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